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DTDC E-booking is one of the excellent service offered by DTDC for its customers. You can very easily book your shipment in the easiest manner with just few clicks. It is however considered as the best way and is also more convenient to make your utilise courier services.  The company provides tracking updates so risk of losing the parcel is always minimised. More over the delivery is very fast and secured making the individual customers feel very happy and satisfied. In addition to that the company also believes that customer service is the number one priority. Therefore the company is always on its track making sure that everything is put on track that is well executed for international logistics and worldwide parcel services. The company has emerged as one of the most successful Logistic companies offering excellent services and nothing but the best both cost and services for all the individuals. E-booking is one service initiated by DTDC to make your courier requirements including international shipping, a swift one.

How it works? 
Before you could actually start using it is essential that you have to know how the DTDC ebooking service actually works. The following step by step process will help you to clearly understand the entire working process.

◉Request a pickup/ drop off:
First you have to request pickup or even drop off. This can be done by simply submitting the pickup request through DTDC web app or you can also use go to the nearest DTDC office in directly request for a pickup.

◉DTDC pickup/ customer drop off:
Once the pickup or a drop of has been successfully processed then you will receive confirmation to your mobile number. The DTDC executive will pick up your shipment as per their convenience or you can also Drop your parcel at the nearest DTDC office. You can also go to the official website where you can check the details to know about the timings as they will help you to clearly understand how convenient they are to make your process easy and comfortable.

◉Item delivered:
Now the process is executed by the DTDC where your parcel is shipped by the company network itself. While doing so you are also given an option where you can track the location of your shipment until it reaches the destination.

There are also many benefits associated with this type of e-banking services provided by the DTDC. This will however favour by eliminating travel and wait time there by making everything quick and fast. Adding to this the E-booking services also provide different promotional codes and seasonal discounts whenever you are interested to send your package from one location to another. This will forever make you to utilise it best services at reasonable prices and will also make you feel convenient to opt for these type of bookings in advance. All being said this is an excellent option for the people who are looking for various DTDC services to make sure that the parcel or package reaches the destination safely.
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