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Described about DTDC Apps

Well most of the people are much interested to use apps rather than that of websites or any other alternative forms. A very big thanks to the DTDC as this has come up with applications that are really helpful for each and every individual. As a matter of concern the DTDC is very completed in order to provide excellent customer experience. DTDC SmartApp is considered as mobile based application that has been developed by the DTDC's Channel Partners to served its customers. This is however made in which in easy way the employees as well as the customers can be easily carry out basic tracking as well as utilise the facilities of Complain Management & Serviceability features in the most possible ways. Apart from always you can also get system level integration where you will be provided consignment status to the customer in CSV file format through email notifications. Therefore it is your convenience to choose one of the best options to track your shipment status and no live updates regarding its status from time to time.

Functional benefits 
Making use of the DTDC app will however help you to utilize the most integrated functional benefits associated with it. Here you will find some of such benefits the DTDC is provided to each and every customer.
  • You will very instantly get live updates regarding your DTDC shipment that is very accurate and precise. 
  • There is an option where you can also set up delivery notification by yourself so as to know about everything in a timely manner. 
  • You are free to raise a complaint instantly with complete transparency where you can raise anything. The complaint can be very easily accepted another through sms or even that are instantly updated.
  • You can add a consignment through consignment number or you can also scan the barcode and record delivery for further reference system
  • An interesting feature of kindly location as well as battery app that can be very easily sent to the server as this will help in in the tracking process very easy and comfortable.
  • Furthermore, there is also a facility where you can be easily located the DTDC office that is within your locality.
The Exclusive services
Additionally, there are also some exclusive services offered by the DTDC for all its customers. So you can also utilize such services, making sure that you get updated on a regular basis.
  • You will find delivery performance dashboard that will give you precise and accurate information. 
  • The ledger details are also very easily available that can be utilized to with a single click it. 
  • An option to make use of visibility of PDN at the fingertips.
Making use of DTDC application will have ever make your tracking very easy and comfortable. Furthermore the courier status is available for free of cost too with a single click. The tracking information is directly updated from the official website and the application make the tracking very easy and fast at a click.
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