DTDC Courier Tracking

DTDC Courier Tracking

DTDC is an Indian based courier service company established in 1990 at Bangalore, the company has 7 zonal offices, 20 strategically located Regional Offices and over 430 operating facilities spread across India. Now the company has become one of the most integrated parcel drive business along with its strategic partnership with Geopost's DPD group - Europe's second largest Parcels Delivery player.

How to Track Shipments via Dtdc.in

  • Get the DTDC Tracking Number
  • Paste the Tracking Number in below input and click on the Track Button
  • DTDC  Courier Tracking  has the auto detection featured enabled, so there is no need of selected the respective courier to get the current status of the package
  • After Submission, it fetches the information and displays the status of your package below.

How to Track

DTDC India is a prominent online tracker that will help you to track your delivery with just your tracking a number itself. However this is considered to be one of the most effective ways to track your delivery so that you will very easily know about the up to date status of your shipment no matter even if it is an essential document or any other parcels. In order to make your life very easy and comfortable the DTDC is offer and all possible ways with different tracking options to know the status of your package. Perhaps you can very easily of any one of them that could be either via online or email or even through simple SMS making you feel more convenient and comfortable. In addition to that you can also use DTDC web tracker that will easily make your tracking process very easy and quick. This is however suitable for low volume as well as non frequency customers. You will be surprised to note that this does not require any software installations and you can very easily connect your system with Internet in order to use this tracking facility. In this mode you can track maximum of 25 consignments which are separated by means of coma that can be tracked at a time. You can track the shipment by using DTDC Consignment number or even you can also use corresponding reference numbers as well. You can also directly track form the official website like, www.dtdc.in/ where you have an option to track very easily.You just need to scroll down to know the complete results of your shipment.

SMS Tracker
This is one of the best option where you can very easily track your shipment location by using simple SMS option. You can have ever utilised multiple services by simply sending an SMS of a predefined keyword to the designated mobile number. In addition to that you should also specify the services that includes consignment tracking, pincode serviceability and city serviceability that are provided making use of the speciality. The step by step process is given below to make it very clear.
  • In order to track your shipment simply type'TRACK<space>Consignment Number' and send SMS to 9230092300 (Example: TRACK B523725823).
  • If suppose you are interested to check pincode then you have to Type 'PIN<space>Pin Code' and send SMS to 9230092300 (Example: PIN 533002).
  • Similarly to check the serviceability city Type 'CITY<space>City Name' and send SMS to 9230092300 (Example: CITY hyderabad).

Another alternative method where you can very easily track the shipment using online facility. No doubt this is the best integration existing between DTDC as well as the client. The E-enabled customers can very easily choose this service making sure that the backend system is well equipped enough in order to integrate at different system levels. However your system can very easily get integrated in multiple ways that could be either web server, secured FTP integration or even http request. Fortunately this method offers incrimination and consignment status that too in periodic manner completely dependent on configuration. Similarly you can also make this sort of services available in the form of periodic consignment status to the customer in CSV file format via email.

DTDC Tracking Status
It is perhaps very easy to know that DTDC tracking status however the step by step process given below will it really help you to understand how you can make the tracking status easy and quick.
  • At first you have to go to the official website that is dtdc.com/index.asp.
  • Then you have to provide your AWB or consignment number at the left side of the page. Here you will be facilitated to track more than one shipment at a time that need to be separated by comas.
  • Once you provide your consignment number then click on track option that will instantly start the process of tracking.
  • Furthermore you can also make use of the website in order to know about the price calculations along with parcel delivery details as well as time calculations and many more all over the world.

DTDC Tracking Number
When it is very easy to track the shipment using DTDC tracking number. It requires quick and simple process and there is no need of any verification code requirements. You have to login to the DTDC tracking number and then provide your package ID thereby giving the essential informations via online. It is very essential that you should never provide any spaces or Special Characters such as +,-,/,*,?,&,=,!,' when you are about to track your package. Perhaps the most common tracking number format would be combination of nine alphabets along with some other numeric characters that you will basically start with 1 alphabet and is followed by 8 digits i.e., N 000 000 00. And of course there are some other less common format that also exists. However the most commonly DTDC tracking number format is given here that will easily help you to make your tracking process quick and easy.

DTDC however provides you with exclusive features that will probably help you to endorse its brand as well as its position in the market. In addition to that it also maintains high quality of standards using latest technologies with easy and simple principles that are executed on a timely manner.

To be more specific the DTDC you need to tracks and traces the foreign segment along with its customised software that is well denoted as Consignment Tracking and Billing System, CTBS. Reliability is to make sure that the delivery commitment is ensured along with additional facilities such as minimising possible delivery in the delivery timeline. Furthermore the client is involved in this process no end time to time status along with consignment transist time and feedback.

The company also make sure that everything is processed in a timely manner along with safety as primary concern. Right from the pickup, delivery as well as receipt of the Proof of Delivery (POD) details into the CTBS system and the internet everything is double checked to maintain safety. The process is also involved with chain of records that will help you to generate and understand the complete process involved in tracking your package. The company is also responsible in detecting any sort of damages when it is being shipped. Even though minimum delays are also eliminated to ensure everything is perfect.

The entire process assorted by the company is to make sure that security is maintained at its peaks. To be more specific the cargo is physically checked for restricted as well as banned items. A random check is also processed this is to ensure and eliminate any sort of corrosive, explosive for poisonous substances which may be dangerous while being transported.

All the privacy policies are completely governed by the DTDC thereby providing everything in a well organised manner. However the policies are truly applicable to the site and all products that are offered by the service providers.

Personal identification information
The company is completely responsible to collect personal information from the users in order to make it beneficial for them. This could be helpful for user visiting the website, filling of the online forms forms, providing services and many more. All this personal information is collected from the users only if they are willing to provide information that is genuine.

Non-personal identification information
In addition to personal identity information the company also collect from personal identity information from the users when they get interacted with the website. This learn personal information is included with browser name, technical information and other essential data.

Web browser cookies
The website cookies are therefore used to enhance the User experience. The web browser always places the cookies on the hard drive that will be helpful for recording Useful information and is event used to track information on a timely basis. Sometimes the user is also given an option to set a browser to refuse the cookies or they can even alert when cookies are being sent.

Sharing your personal information
The personal information of the user is never disclosed to the third parties. The company shall only share some of the generic aggregated democratic information that is not top linked to any sort of personal information.

Third party websites
The users may also find advertisements or any sort of third party websites in the official website. However they are completely safe and secured making sure that they do not cause any harm to the sensitive information that the user's provide in the website.

Terms and Conditions
Here are the terms and conditions that are executed by the DTDC. Furthermore there maybe some other additional terms and conditions applicable based upon the particular function, information as well as the features that are available through the DTDC website. The website is mainly intended for both the current as well as the potential customers of the company so as to interact with the DTDC so as to utilise maximum benefits from them. In addition to that the users will be provided with essential information such as tracking, shipping, invoices and many more.

DTDC Username Registration
Well being and user you have to choose specific user name that in made easy for you to access the website. By using this username you can very easily track the location of your shipment and know the Useful information related to it.
As soon as you get registered you will be given an option to go through information along with DTDC website username registration page and maintenance and properly updating your online profile information can also be accessed very easily.
There are some particular DTDC website services that are fully utilised by few countries only. Adding to this you have to agree to the register only for particular services that are provided by the website for particular countries in which the account in truly accessible.
At the time of registration you have to provide user name along with which you have to select user id and password. The password that you set for your account should be confidential and it should meet the terms and conditions.

Changes to the DTDC website
The official information available in the DTDC website may be changed or even deleted as per the rules of the company.

Termination of Use
The companies reserves some rights to discontinue or even modify the content of the website at any time without prior inform. It also has completed responsibility as well as the authority to block or even eliminate the users for any reason in its sole discretion, even if access continues to be allowed to others.

The prevention set out and referred to its consignment note is equally applicable to all sorts of transports that are utilised by the DTDC. In addition to that the company also takes the complete responsibility of implementing the mode of transport that is being specified on the face of the consignment note.
  • The company is also responsible to utilise any sort of mode as well as modes for transporting the shipment.
  • Even the DTDC is considered as a private carrier along with its rights as well as liabilities are completely governed exclusively by the express terms set by the body. However there exists constitution between DTDC and other parties.
  • The consignment note that has been authorised by the DTDC is very strictly two given to the party. Each and everything concerned here is completely dependent on the constitution and the consignment mode.
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